Lekiji residents in Laikipia North get title deeds

Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe has issued 766 title deeds to Lekiji residents in Laikipia North sub county aimed at addressing land injustices in the region.

Kagwe speaking in Nanyuki town where he was issuing the precious lands documents to Lekiji residents said it was government commitment to settle squatters in the country.

“Land issues are not something to joke with and therefore having a title deed is very important. Its wealth for our people, with it, you can take the document to the bank as a collateral and get a loan to educate your child and even start a business. Without title, you’re not a land owner,” he said.

The CS urged the beneficiaries not to sell their lands after acquiring title deeds from the government, but instead invest for their benefit.

Kagwe noted that president Uhuru Kenyatta administration had expedited issuance of the precious land document after computerizing the issuance processes in the ministry of lands.

“In the previous regimes only five million title deeds had been issued. When the president took over in 2013, six million of them have been issued to date. With a computerized system, it is very fast,” said Kagwe.

On Monday, the CS also issued about 2000 title deeds in Rumuruti, Laikipia West to internally displaced persons (IDPs).

The issuance of title deeds in the region comes weeks after the President commissioned the National Titling programme, where one million titles will be issued countrywide.

One of the beneficiaries, Enith Edupu and a resident of Lekiji in Laikipia North, speaking to KNA said he was happy after getting the precious land document which they had tried to get since 1975, while vowing to safeguard it for the benefit of his children.

“We have been having land disputes in Lekiji since 1975 until president Uhuru took over the country’s leadership. Today, we are happy after getting the title deed from the National government. Title is our wealth. Land is scarce and expensive and we are only thankful for getting the title free of charge,” the joyful Edupu said, revealing that it was his first time to see that vital land document.

On her part, Eunice Amira, another title deed beneficiary from Lekiji said she was joyful since they had been squatters since she was born in the 1980s, where she met her parents battling land court cases in Nakuru and in Nairobi, thus it was a huge relief for the government to issue them title deeds.

“I feel like I have been born again, I now have a place to call home and not as a squatter. We had been contributing funds to facilitate my parents to go to Nairobi to get the title, some have died trying to get the same,” revealed Amira.

Meanwhile, the CS has called on Kenyans to maintain peace before, during and after the August 9 polls.

“Kenya is mature in politics, there is no need to quarrel with one another. I urge you to elect the person you want without causing mayhem,” urged Kagwe.

The CS was accompanied by area county commissioner Joseph Kanyiri and other government officials.



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