Livestock Off-Take Programme Kicks Off in Kajiado

The National Livestock Off-take programme in Kajiado has kicked off.

While chairing the County Steering Group Meeting in Kajiado, Kajiado County Commissioner Wilson Wanyanga noted that the programme is set to benefit livestock farmers whose livestock are threatened due to lack of pasture and water.

Wanyanga noted that in Kajiado County the programme will cost a total of Sh 8,550,000 which will be used to purchase 570 herds of cattle from vulnerable families.

“Livestock have been greatly affected by the ongoing drought and to cushion farmers against severe losses, the government will buy the cattle from the pastoralists at a cost of Sh 15,000 per cow while sheep and goats will be bought at a cost of Sh 3, 000,” said Wanyanga

The CC added that priority will be given to weak, emaciated and old cows from vulnerable families. In cases where there are no cows, five sheep or goats will be equivalent to one cow.

“To ensure that the livestock do not die, the government will buy the livestock from the farmers to cushion them against losses and also help in improving nutrition in terms of relief meat,” he said

After purchase, the livestock will be slaughtered and the meat will be provided as relief meat to the vulnerable households.1 cow is supposed to feed 10 families.

In Kajiado, 5,070 vulnerable families with an average of five persons per family will benefit from the programme.

Kenya Meat Commission, State Department for Livestock and Kenya Red Cross will monitor the exercise with Kenya Red Cross being the lead agency.

The programme will be implemented in the ward level and Sub County committees will meet to identify vulnerable members and slaughter points for the animals in case there is no slaughterhouse available.

Livestock distribution for the programme in Kajiado will be; Kajiado Central 131, Kajiado East 114, Kajiado South 143, Kajiado West 148 and Kajiado North 34. The slaughtering process will start between July 18- 24.



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