Local organization started to galvanize development issues in Makueni County

A local development organization has been started in Makueni County to galvanize and coordinate all other groups involved in development matters in the area.

The organization known as Makueni Development Trust (MADET) is to provide a platform for stakeholders to engage on the upcoming activities or projects to be carried out in the area.

Further, through MADET the different organizations will know who is working in certain areas to avoid duplication of efforts hence ensure funds are spent on projects they are meant for.

The revelations were made Thursday by the MADET Programme Coordinator Mr. Robert Muli at a Hotel in Wote town during a one-day consultative meeting for stakeholders.

“The money that reaches the community is not what is recommended in the initial budget. It is a fraction of it. Through MADET, we are also going to stop duplication of work as we shall know all those involved in development projects where they are based,” said Muli while speaking to the media.

MADET will act as an umbrella body that will bring together all other organizations like Community Based Organizations, Self-help groups, civil society and private sector that will be registered through membership.

The programme coordinator disclosed that a similar organization was also being piloted in Isiolo, Kisii, Nakuru and Mombasa counties with the help of USAID.

Consequently, he said that through MADET they will get a networking and collaborative platform that different organizations will be known through the thematic areas they operate from.

MADET has been given a grant of Sh15 million by USAID and the monies will be spent to establish structures, stakeholder engagement, monitoring and evaluation and have a strategic plan among others.

Currently MADET has in place a board of directors who are professionals and three staff.

Speaking at the same event, Makueni County Government Director for Liaison Mr. Francis Muinde lauded the move, saying the idea will give a voice to small groups that they can be heard.

In this regard, he challenged the members who will join MADET to ensure they move to the remote areas of the county and avoid working near towns and reminded them that the government will not interfere with their work.

“The local organization will galvanize, solidify and create an inclusive organization that will represent the people of Makueni in development matters as they will articulate issues affecting wananchi,” said Muinde.



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