Low enrolment of girls in schools in Tana River

Tana Delta Sub County Deputy County Commissioner Mr. John Kipsiwa said cases of early marriage and pregnancy and child labour has contributed to the low enrolment of girls in school in Tana River County.

Speaking during the official opening of Dalu Secondary School in Garsen division, Mr. Kipsiwa said cases of early marriage and pregnancy are reported daily in the area for school girls in primary and secondary schools.

He said currently there are two cases of pregnant school girls in primary school that have been reported and asked the chiefs in the identified school to look for parents of the schools so that the men involved in impregnating the school girls could be arrested and charged.

He said that, “it’s unfair to blame only the girls involved but also blame the men suspected to have lured the girls hence, the men should be charged if found.”

On child labour, the Deputy County Commissioner said, boys and girls are forced to look for livestock instead of going to school hence, undermining the schools enrolment in the County.

He cautioned the Chiefs and their Assistant against undertaking cases of early marriage and pregnancy but reported them to Children office and police, saying Kangaroo Courts will not be tolerated in the area saying, chiefs over seeing such cases will be disciplined.



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