Magoha Dismisses ongoing claims on capitation for schools, says they are unrealistic

Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha has asked members of the public to ignore the misinformation going around regarding capitation to schools saying that the government has been in the forefront in prioritizing that.

The CS spoke on Wednesday at Ogande Girls High School Homa Bay County during an inspection of Dr. Ida Odinga Library which is lunder construction in the school.

The CS said there are allegations within the media claiming that the government has stopped disbursing capitation to schools.

He assured parents, students and schools that the current government under President Uhuru Kenyatta is still in power and no one should assume that it stopped working.

“I want to clarify some naive issues that are going around the fourth estate and other people who are politicians and misinformed principals. The government that we serve today is still in power until we swear in the next one,” he said.

“Capitation for secondary schools is a sizable amount of money, about Sh. 16.9 billion which is 22,400 for each student which the media is making noises about. We disbursed it to all schools in April this year and the treasury is already preparing money for next term to be sent before schools re-open,” he added.

He said that the government puts priority on children’s education and that at no point did it fail in sending money to schools for them.

“As I have said before, we love our children and when I refer to his Excellency the president, he really gives priority on ensuring children are in school. For the whole period that I have been with this ministry, we have always ensured that capitation for the children is availed in schools before the following term begins,” he explained.

Magoha asked the media to always critically analyze information before disseminating to the public to ensure the information is factual enough to avoid misinformation.

“So you as the intelligent members of the fourth estate should always strive to analyze and critique information,” he said.

The CS informed that CBC is there to stay and that people should embrace it to move forward regardless of whether they perceive it to be bad or good.

He further lauded teachers and acknowledged the efforts put forth in instilling discipline in students saying that they are now calm unlike last year.

Magoha was hopeful that the next CS will take over the project at the school by ensuring it is completed in case where he, Magoha would not have completed it when he hands over his office.

The PS was accompanied by Dr. Julius Jwan, PS for Basic Education, Homa Bay County Commissioner and his Deputy Moses Lilan and Jude Wasonga respectively, Assistant County Commissioners, stakeholders from the education sector as well as the school implementation committee among others.



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