Melelo residents asked to elect visionary leaders who will push for the renovation of roads

Residents of Melelo Ward in Narok South Sub-county have been asked to elect visionary leaders who will push for renovation of key roads, so as to transport their farm produce to the market easily.

The residents, led by Christopher Kunder, lamented that despite the area being an agricultural rich zone, the roads have remained impassable during rainy seasons, making the farm produce to rot in the shambas.

Kunder, who spoke at a public baraza held in the area warned the residents against being persuaded with little money by selfish politicians, so that they can elect them in office.

“We do not want to make the mistakes that we have always made to choose leaders who do not care about our development. We want leaders who will push for the construction of this road so that it can boost our economy,” he added.

Though the government is expanding infrastructure in the whole country, he said, the region need visionary leaders who would present thorny issues to relevant departments for consideration.

“The government has built a good hospital in this area but many people, especially pregnant mothers fail to benefit from the services during the rainy season, as the roads become completely impassable,” he added.

Another resident Antony Murani reiterated the need to choose leaders wisely based on their track records instead of the party they are affiliated to.

“I request you not to choose a party but an individual. Look for a leader who has our issues at heart because after the August polls, we will wait for another five years, to get other leaders,” he advised.

Melelo area receives a high amount of rainfall because it borders the Maasai Mau forest and it is famous for high maize production.



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