Men challenged to up their act in academics to compete with women

University Education and Research Principal Secretary Ambassador Simon Nabukwesi has challenged men to get back into academic competition to bridge the gap that has been set by women.

Speaking at Meru University of Technology during the institution’s ninth graduation ceremony where 1,775 students were conferred with various certificates, Nabukwesi said men were gradually dropping their guard and cautioned that they may soon lag behind ladies if they don’t wake up to this realisation.

“The top students graduating here today are dominantly ladies. And this is what is happening in other learning institutions. We are not saying that ladies should always be behind men but there should be fair academic competition between the two genders,”said Nabukwesi.

He noted that women were focused, persistent and consistent in every sphere of life with an aim of achieving more while men were still holding on the assumption that they were still superior.

The PS also appreciated the institution’s leadership adding that it had facilitated better academic performance from the learners.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Romanus Otieno said the institution’s enrollment has been increasing each year with the population standing at 10,000 at the moment up from last year’s 8,800 students.

He attributed this to the popularity of the courses offered by the institution and the good learning environment offered by the leadership and the community around.

The VC reminded the graduands that they had a responsibility to change the country and the world at large through the knowledge acquired from the institution.

“Look around you and identify a problem you can solve to make the community where you come from better. Work with others and become a solution provider, employer or an entrepreneur in your locality,” said Professor Otieno.

MUT Chancellor Dr James Mwangi told the graduands that their dreams were valid and that they should go out of college with an aim of solving the existing problems rather than creating more.

“What you need to do to achieve this is to remain focused and believe in yourself. It is your chance to change the world and make a difference. Think big and push back against those who say that the best days are behind us and you will make it,” said Dr Mwangi.



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