Meru law maker emphasizes the importance of technical institutes

Abogeta West MCA Dennis Kiogora has urged parents to enroll their children who have just completed Form Four in a technical training institutes.

Speaking at Nkubu town, the ward rep emphasized on the benefits of parents taking their children who recently did their KCSE to technical Training Institute despite their poor performance.

“Parents should not allow their children who did not score higher marks end their studies in Form Four but should facilitate them to join TTIs to at least start from artisan certificates, which will help them earn a living and further their career in future,” added Kiogora.

The MCA noted that 46 percent of the candidates who sat the 2021 KCSE scored grade D+ and below, therefore not able to secure places in universities for office careers.

He said that out of the 800,000 KCSE candidates in 2021 nationwide, only 145,000, which represents 17 percent, were able to score grades granting their opportunities in public universities.

“I am aware that the majority of the students are the ones who scored below the most wanted grade B’s. Where do we expect them to go? If they are not assisted to acquire helpful skills, they will end up living like those who never stepped in class,” noted Kiogora.

He added that failing in KCSE does not mean failing in life and acknowledged different abilities and skills which could be helpful to earn a living.

“TTIs are offering many practical courses such as plumbing, masonry, tailoring and if parents adhere to enroll their children in these colleges, they will become self- employed,” he said.

He added that TTIs are at a better place of eradicating joblessness occasioned by limited opportunities for white collar jobs.

Kiogora noted that so far, he has sponsored 250 students to pursue technical courses at Mitunguu and 20 more in Karumo TTI. He promised to sponsor more students to pursue technical courses.

Kiogora called on the government to increase funding to TTIs since they were a source of hope to many.



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