PS launch 100km Road linking Kitui-Wote

Over Sh 60 billion have been used for construction of 1914 kilometers of roads in the lower Eastern region in the last five years.

Principal Secretary Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Prof Paul Mariga said the government is set to construct another 900km of road from July this year.

He said the 100 kilometre road would be done in three slots; Wikililye-Katulani, Katulani-Kavisuni-Kanyangi road and Kanyangi-Thwake dam-Wote town.

Prof Mariga was speaking when he joined Kitui Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu, County Commissioner Mbogai Rioba, KeNHA Director General Kungu Ndungu among other top government officials in launching the construction of Wilikilye-Katulani-Kanyangi-Wote Road to bitumen standards at Katulani, Mulango ward.

“The roads will open Kitui to other part of the country. Your products will be transported and consumed in other parts of our country,” he added.

On her part Ngilu thanked the government for accepting her request to upgrade the road to bitumen standard.

“I want to thank government for accepting my request. We have been using a lot of money each and every year grading this road. It’s a relief and on behalf of the people of Kitui, I want to thank the government,” said Ngilu.

Ngilu also requested locals to be given priority in the job openings during the construction of the road.

Rioba said the road would improve, ease businesses between Kitui and Makueni counties, stir up development in the area and enhance social welfare of the residents.

The Sh2.3 billion project will take two years and hence expected to be completed May 2024. The main contractor, China Civil Engineering Corporation Limited, has promised to ensure completion on time.



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