Miraa exportation to Mogadishu, Somalia resumes

Kenya has begun exporting miraa to Mogadishu, Somalia, Agriculture Cabinet Secretary (CS), Peter Munya, has said.

Mr Munya said the transportation of the cherished herb to the neighbouring country resumed four days ago where three, 10 and 25 tons, were exported in the first three days respectively.

Munya was speaking at Maili tatu stadium in Meru County during the Azimio la umoja campaign rally in the area.

The CS lauded President Uhuru Kenyatta for successfully dialoguing with the president of the Republic of Somalia, which culminated in the lifting of miraa export ban.

He promised to look for more market to export khat and other agricultural produce in the region.

The CS also revealed that miraa cargo to Somalia will be via Isiolo airport to Mogadishu instead of through Jomo Kenyatta airport as the former route is the shortest.

Munya further urged the residents to diversify into other cash and food crops to boost their income instead of relying on miraa alone.

He emphasized on promotion of agriculture sector in the area, noting it was one of the ‘Big 4’ agenda aimed at ensuring food security.

In the same breathe he urged politicians and their supporters to conduct peaceful campaigns ahead of August 9th General Election and advised residents to be guided by the development track record of those contesting for various positions.



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