Newly established Tinderet court ready for launch

Construction work at the newly established Tinderet court is complete and will soon be launched to begin operations.

This is according to area Member of National Assembly Julius Melly who said the appropriate date for the launch of the facility will soon be communicated to the public.

Speaking yesterday when he inspected the completed court building, the Tinderet MP, regretted that since independence the people of Tinderet have had to travel to Kapsabet a distance of over 100Km in search for legal services.

“With the operationalisation of this court, the cost of accessing justice for the people of Tinderet will tremendously reduce,” said the MP who noted that the court is centrally located in the Constituency.

Commenting on this accomplishment a local Philip Muten who is a lawyer welcomed the new Court saying apart from handling crime related issues courts also deal with diverse issues of civil nature that residents require on a daily basis.

“Courts are not just about crime; civil issues like succession are daily sought after in courts by wananchi,” said Muten.



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