Nyeri residents’ reactions on six-piece voting

Majority of Nyeri residents are opposed to calls by the leading political parties in the county that have been urging their followers to strictly follow a six-piece voting pattern.

A number of those we spoke to strongly resist the clarion call terming it an affront on democracy.

They claim the trend has in the past led to the voting of incompetent leaders into office just because they managed to align themselves with a popular party.

For instance Mary Gikunju,a business woman in Nyeri town says voting for a candidate because he or she belongs to a popular party has on numerous occasions led to election of leaders who leave voters worse off.

“We have often been hoodwinked by the perceived popularity of certain political parties when choosing our leaders only to end up regretting later. The habit of going for unworthy individuals just because they are favourites with a particular political party is a lesson we should all learn, she said.

Wambugu Mwai, a business man within Nyeri town also supports Mary’s idea who argues that going for a six-piece voting system may end up locking out potentially good leaders from office just because they belong to another party.

Wambui said those advocating for this system are not defending the real spirit of pluralism but only planning to bring the country back to KANU’s one party rule.

“The KANU era, which went for uniformity during elections is long gone and buried and dreaming of going back to that system is a show of lack of foresight. A political aspirant should be voted into office since he has the capacity to lead but not because he has been endorsed by the big political parties,” he argues.

“Go for a leader after having weighed his or her manifestos and the plans they have for the citizens when elected but not the empty pledges and promises that we fall for every single time,” he added.

However, Joseph Mathenge, believes the six-piece voting system is the perfect panacea in Kenya’s budding democracy since it assures the sitting Head of State of stability in the management of national affairs.

“Choosing leaders from different political parties has always been a recipe for chaos even in the most developed countries owing to differences in ideological views. If we want our government to run smoothly then six piece voting is the way to go,” he said.

On Tuesday this week a Nyeri parliamentary aspirant rejected agitations by political parties calling for a six-piece voting pattern during the August 9 election.

Rose Wambui, who is eying the Nyeri Woman Representative seat on a Chama Cha Kazi party ticket said voters should be left to identify candidates based on their individual track record and not on the basis of party’s popularity.

She further claimed those calling for a six-piece voting criteria are only doing so for selfish political interests to ensure those voted into elective seats are people they can control at will and not on the basis of service delivery.

“Let’s avoid this six-piece agenda. Those who are preaching this agenda are doing so because they do not want the next parliament to have independent thinkers. They want people whom they can control and those who will be influenced in a certain direction,” she pointed out.

The leading protagonists in the August general election, Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya coalition and the Kenya Kwanza alliance have both been pushing for a six-piece voting pattern to help consolidate their numbers both at the county assemblies and the two houses of Parliament.

The move has been seen as an attempt aimed at locking out independent candidates, majority of who wish to ride on the two major political formations in areas they feel are not popular.



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