Ombudsman appreciates Vihiga’s Performance

The Commission on Administrative Justice (CAJ) has lauded Vihiga Governor, Dr. Wilber Ottichilo, for embracing appropriate governance practices.

The team expressed satisfaction with the County Administration’s institutional set-up, particularly the labeling of the various offices as well as putting in place modalities for complaints handling and access to public information.

The CAJ delegation led by the Vice Chairman, Washington Sati and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mercy Wambua, observed that the devolved units have to strive to ensure that the citizenry gets the best services at all times.

Governor, Dr Wilber Ottichilo, said his Administration has covered a milestone in the health sector with a total of 43 public health facilities, comprising three hospitals, 18 health centers and 22 dispensaries.

He added that the distribution of the health facilities meets the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendation that requires a patient to cover at most five kilometres to reach the nearest facility.

“We have also expanded and paved markets in Mbale, Chavakali and Luanda townships, in order to provide a conducive environment for the traders,” he noted.



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