Over 4,000 title deeds issued in Loitoktok

There was jubilation in Mbirikani-Enselenkei Ward, Kajiado county Wednesday, when over 4,000 residents received their title deeds in the ongoing national titling program.

Presiding over the event, the county governor Joseph Ole Lenku pointed out that so far the County Government has issued over 36,000 title deeds during his tenure.

Lenku added his government was at the forefront in spearheading subdivision of group ranches in Kajiado County, citing subdivision of Mbirikani Group ranch, where beneficiaries will now have the right to own land and spur economic development.

He particularly noted that prior to the issuance of title deeds, the residents were basically livestock keepers, but after getting legal ownership documents legal documents, more development activities will blossom in the region.

The governor urged those who had been issued with the title deeds to utilize them prudently, for their own good and that of their children.

He warned residents against haphazard selling of land which was handed to them by their forefathers, adding that it’s always better to lease property in case of a pressing need, rather than selling it.

Chairman Mbirikani Group Ranch, Daniel Metoe applauded President Uhuru Kenyatta for the one million title deeds initiative, aimed at restoring the dignity to many families without title deeds in the country.

Metoe pointed out that issuance of the title deeds in Mbirikani-Enselenkei Ward was a major historical event for in their entire lifetime they had never handled such crucial documents.

He observed that the group has 4, 300 members, noting that each member will receive three title deeds including 10 acres for settlement, 2 acres for irrigation and 31 acres as range land for grazing.

On his part, the Chairman Big Life Foundation, Richard Bonham whose organization contributed much in assisting in enabling the land subdivision urged the residents to continue living in harmony even after getting the title deeds.



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