Parents urged to allow children to relax during the holidays

Kiambu Sub-County Director of Education Roselyne Litaba has encouraged parents that in the next two weeks holiday, they should allow children to relax and engage in recreational activities and maybe just engage in a few hours of study.

“We do not encourage parents to pay for tuition for their children at this moment of the holidays but they should be allowed to relax,” she said, adding that the young people are getting mental illnesses due to the stress and pressure of crash course academic programmes.

She however said for the candidates, they could focus on some revision because of the fixed timeline.

Litaba also urged parents to be on the lookout for their children’s behaviour this holiday so that if they notice any changes, especially mentally, they should act on it immediately.

“We are advising parents that if they notice their child has stress issues, behaving abnormally they should seek more guidance and also counselling for them. As for those who are unable to continue with their education because of mental issues, the parent can engage them to learn others skills that are beneficial,” she advised

As the schools close, different parents have set aside individual plans for their children during this short holiday ranging from tuition and leisure activities.

Speaking to KNA, Jane Mutisya, a mother of two girls in form three and class four in Kiambu town, has planned on letting her children unwind.

“This holiday is too short for me to make my children go for tuition. They can use this time to rest and even check what they need for the next term without rushing. Also, my daughter in high school can now have enough sleep away from the busy schedule in school,” she said.

However, some parents told KNA they have tuition plans for their children to keep them active in their studies.

John Kanja, a father of two boys and one girl who are in form four, class seven and class five respectively, told KNA that his emphasis is that majority of the time his children have will be utilized in books.

“I have a candidate in the house and it is mandatory for him to study in preparation of his final exams. But for the other two, I prefer they join in the study time for they are not to be reluctant to read their books,” he stated.



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