Politicians put on notice against hate speech.

Homa Bay County Commissioner (CC) Moses Lilan has put on notice politicians propagating hate speech during their campaigns in the county.

Lilan said they have profiled the politicians who were inciting the public, as they seek votes from residents.

The administrator said they will go after such politicians, so that they were brought to book.

He said some politicians have already recorded statements with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) over hate speech.

“As we approach elections, leaders must avoid any remarks that may jeopardize peace” he said.

Speaking to the press in his office today, Lilan said they are working with the office of National Commission and Integration Commission (NCIC) to ensure peace during this electioneering periods.

Recently NCIC commissioners visited Homa Bay to sensitize locals in a bid to curb hate speech and violence ahead of the August elections.

Lilan said they will be monitoring statements made during rallies and name politicians perpetrating hate speech.

“We’re going to reveal by names politicians who are linked to spreading hate-speech in Homa Bay. The government will not tolerate anybody breaching the peace,” he said.

He called on all government officials to collaborate against violence during the electioneering period.

The NCIC is currently engaging in a peace sensitization campaign in violence hotspot counties.

With the slogan Uchaguzi bila noma (peaceful election), the commission is sensitizing Kenyans to shun violence.



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