Private primary schools tipped to start junior secondary wings

Private primary schools have been encouraged to have a wing for a junior secondary school for a smooth transition of learners from primary to junior secondary next year.

Early Learning and Basic Education Principal Secretary (PS), Dr. Julius Jwan, said private primary schools that have decided to move on to junior secondary, have until August to prepare, so as to admit junior secondary school students by January 2023.

Speaking, Thursday, in Eldoret while on a two-day tour to check on the readiness of private primary schools in terms of junior secondary admission preparedness, the PS said the main idea was to encourage as many private schools as possible that were offering primary education to go-ahead and start junior secondary to enable learners to transition smoothly.

“The schools we are keen on are schools that have decided to move into junior secondary. We are checking if they will be ready latest by August to admit junior secondary learners by January next year,” said the PS.

He added that what the Education Ministry was trying to do was to ensure a smooth transition of learners from primary to junior secondary and because many parents would wish their learners continued in the same schools, especially in day schools, the ministry is pushing the private sector and those owning private primary schools to ensure they construct wings for Junior Secondary.

To offer Junior Secondary Education, the PS added, the Private primary schools need to have adequate space for expansion and construction of classrooms, a laboratory for basic experiments, and a playing field for the learners.

He also encouraged schools to start as many subjects as possible like music, art, and craft which will enable learners to improve their learning skills.

The schools PS toured included Greenville Academy, Potters House Academy, and Eldo Baraka Academy.

At Greenville Academy, Dr. Jwan said the school was almost ready because it already has four ready classrooms with an additional classroom that will be converted into a lab. At Potters House Academy, the PS said there was the construction of 25 classrooms expected to be finalized in two months’ time, the school also has two labs for junior secondary students.

Potters House Academy Principal, Boniface Odongo, said the school already has two streams that can accommodate 40 students and since the space is adequate, they can go up to 200 students.



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