Reprieve for mango farmers in West Pokot

Since violent aggressions in some parts of West Pokot County have forcing mango farmers to flee their homesteads for safety, there has been a shortage of the commodity on the local markets and loss of livelihoods.

There is now a sigh of relief for the farmers following security operations where police officers are now escorting the farmers to Chesegon area in Pokot Central Sub County to harvest their mangoes.

The farmers in the Kerio Valley zone have been known for supplying grafted mango fruits but security challenges have affected the production after farmers abandoned their farms in area for fear for their lives owing to armed attacks.

Rift Valley Regional Police Commander Tom Odero told KNA that police officers have been deployed in the common border between West Pokot and Elgeyo Marakwet counties to help farmers access their mango farms that had been abandoned.

“Without prejudice, we protect life and property to all equally. We have been having violent aggression against the West Pokot community by the neighbouring community in Marakwet East Sub County,” noted Odero.

The farmers have lauded the initiative saying it is a reprieve to them for they had been deprived of their source of income.

They commended the security officers for ensuring their safety as they go to harvest their mangoes saying most families who fled the area have been facing a lot of challenges fending for their basic needs.

“We have been reaping benefits from the mango business but since insecurity emerged, we were forced to flee the area but with the ongoing operations we can now at least harvest our fruits for the market,” stated a farmer.



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