Road contractor delaying government project put on notice

The contractor who has delayed completing tarmacking Mbihi- Magada road road in Vihiga County risks being blacklisted for undertaking his work casually.

Western Regional Commissioner Isaiah Nakoru who was on an inspection tour of the project along with the regional development implementation coordination committee today noted that the works were behind schedule and something needed to be done urgently so that residents could use the roads.

Residents of Magada area decried the poor workmanship of the contractor saying he was directing water to their homesteads instead of making ditches thereby posing a threat to them.

They said due to lack of ditches, the road is impassable hindering them from moving from one place to another and the stagnant water has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes which exposes them to malaria.

They said they supported the road to be done but called on the government to address their issues so that the road could serve them well without interfering with their property and lives.

The committee was however impressed by the contractor doing Gisambai – Shamakhokho road which is at 51 per cent completion stage.

Gisambai- Shamakhokho road covers 13 kilometres and the contractor committed himself to complete the road by December 2022 from the earlier May 2022 completion date.

Nakoru issued a stern warning to all contractors doing all government projects in the region that they should complete those projects within the stipulated time or stern action would be taken against them.

He called on all stakeholders like NEMA and Kenya Power to ensure that proper measures were put in place to avoid unnecessary accidents like having hanging electricity posts and unfilled borrow pits.



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