Runyenjes 2022 Parliamentary aspirant optimistic Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya will unite Kenyans

Runyenjes Azimio la Umoja Member of Parliamentary aspirant has expressed confidence that Azimio la Umoja government will unite Kenyans.

Speaking during an interview with the press at his Runyenjes home, Ndwiga Kamunyoti who is contesting for Runyenjes Member of Parliament’s seat under Azimio La Umoja umbrella said that the coalition is meant to bring all Kenyans together to achieve a common purpose.

He was also optimistic that Azimio La Umoja presidential candidate would emerge the winner in the August 9 election.

Kamunyoti said that the government has always put its best foot forward in supporting coffee, tea and macadamia farmers in Runyenjes adding that the government has always had better plans for farmers in Runyenjes.

He at the same time said that if elected, he would work closely with Brand Kenya to market agricultural produce from Runyenjes to the whole world so as to ensure farmers from his constituency have a ready and competitive market for their products.

The aspirant who is taking a second stab at the Member of Parliamentary seat lauded the Azimio la Umoja recently launched manifesto saying that it captures the desires of all Kenyans.

He gave a thumbs up for the Baba Care health agenda saying that it would relieve many Kenyans of the cost of accessing quality health care.

“Many harambees in Kenya are held to mobilize funds so that families can get treatment for their loved ones in Kenya and outside the country but with the introduction of Baba Care, many families will be able to access affordable and quality healthcare,” Kamunyoti noted.

The aspirant who is doing door to door campaigns in Runyenjes Embu, said that he will initiate key reforms in the tea sector if elected so that farmers in Runyenjes can enjoy their farming activities.



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