Schools athletics championship resumes for selection of World under 20 trials

The 2022 National Secondary and Primary schools national athletics championship will be held in July this year in Kigari, Embu and Machakos Teachers’ Training Colleges.

Secretary Administration, Ministry of Education Mr. Andrew Rukaria said both primary and secondary schools will compete in athletics at all levels to prepare the qualifying athletes to participate in the world under 20 trials.

The sporting activity will commence on June 30 this year with regional competitions and end with the national champions on July 7.

In a press statement sent to newsrooms, Rukaria announced that Kigari Teachers Training College (TTC) will hold the primary schools national athletics championship from July 2 – 4 and the secondary schools championship on July 3 to 7 whereas Machakos TTC will have its competitions from July 2 to 4 respectively.

Those in the competition have been directed to incorporate a medical officer from the Ministry of Health for advice on safety and health standards, to have only 20 boys and 20 girls participants and to ensure that the number of days for the competition and number of officials attending the event is low for purposes of cutting costs.

“During the National Championships, the regions will take care of all the team officials among team managers, chairpersons, coaches and drivers among others while the Ministry of Education headquarters will finance the championship administration cost,” said Rukaria.

The Education Ministry issued letters Wednesday 22nd to all Sub-county, County Directors and Regional Directors of Education to commence the plan and coordinate the championships in their areas of jurisdiction.



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