Sh.11 million disbursed to PWD’s in Nyanza region

The National Fund for the Disabled of Kenya (NFDK) has disbursed cheques worth Sh. 11 million to support people with disability in Nyanza region.

The donation targets 37 groups which successfully applied for the funds to set up various projects in the area. Each of the groups will take home Sh. 300,000 up from Sh. 30,000 when the fund was started to enable them fund projects to turn around their lives economically.

NFDK Board of Trustees member Prof. Julia Ojiambo said other beneficiaries will receive assorted tools and devices worth Sh. 500, 000 to assist them venture into income generating activities.

Speaking while handing over the donations at the New Nyanza Regional Headquarters in Kisumu on Thursday Prof. Ojiambo said the allocation was part of the Sh. 200 million support from the exchequer and revenue collected from the fund’s rental buildings in Nairobi.

Prof. Ojiambo thanked the national government for enhancing allocation to the fund to reach more PWD’s adding that a lot more needed to be done since the applications for support have increased over the years.

PWD’s she added, must start thinking outside the box and apply for funds from other bodies at national and county government levels to boost their ventures.

Prof. Ojiambo who was accompanied by other Board of Trustees Members Prof. Margaret Kamar and Mrs. Cecilia Mbaka informed the PWDs that they are also eligible to apply for Women Enterprise Fund and Youth Fund and other funds established by county governments.

She asked the beneficiaries to make prudent use of the donations and at the same time reach out to others to ensure that they are considered in future programs.

On her part, Prof. Kamar cautioned parents with children with disabilities to stop hiding them but contact the Fund and other relevant government agencies for assistance.

She asked the National Government Administration Officers (NGAO) to launch a crackdown and mop up all children being hidden in the villages to ensure that they go to school and also benefit from various government programs.

“It is very unfortunate that we still have children with disabilities out there when they are supposed to be in school. We must take action against these parents and ensure that these children get the necessary assistance,” she said.

She rooted for the establishment of boarding schools with integrated facilities to ensure that the children learn with others.

“Besides the small grants, we have now started giving out donations ranging between Sh. 2.5-Sh. 3 million and I want to encourage our institutions to apply,” she said.



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