Students benefit from Presidential Bursary Scholarship

Ten students in Mwala have been awarded the presidential bursary scholarship to cater for their secondary education, Sub county Children Officer Sarah Solomon has said.

Solomon said the students brings to 46 the number of beneficiaries currently under the programme in the sub county. Out of the total, 25 are girls while 21 are boys, all in public boarding schools.

The children’s officer said the beneficiaries are Orphaned and Vulnerable Children(OVCs) who scored over 250 marks in last year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education.

”The vetting committee however gave priority to orphaned children. We received 41 applications against ten slots created by those beneficiaries who exited the programme after sitting for last year’s Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education,” said Solomon.

She told KNA today in her office that under the programme each student will receive a total of Sh30,000 per year.

”Parents and guardians are required to top up the rest of the fees charged by the school,” added Solomon.

The children’s officer said the Department of Children monitors the progress of the students to ensure that the programme is successful.

”Each beneficiary is required to bring their report card to the office every end of the term so that we can monitor their performance,” she noted.

The programme was started in 2013 to offer support and enhance enrollment, attendance and completion of secondary school by OVCs.



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