Tarmacked Road at Kampi Ya Moto

Nakuru County government has constructed a Sh38 million tarmacked road connecting the Nakuru-Kericho highway to Kampi ya Moto that will reduce congestion at the famous truck parking Salgaa town.

The Kampi ya Moto Sub-County Administrator John Yatich said the tarmacked road would open up the expansive Rongai constituency and the Ranjuera market that has been dormant for a long time despite being in the midst of a rich agricultural area.

Speaking at the Ranjuera market today, Yatich said the road would popularize the Ranjuera hospital and reduce congestion at the Nakuru Level Five hospital where accidents victims were normally rushed, despite the former being closer to the black spots along the highway.

He said the historical Kampi ya Moto town, which was one of the first lunatic railway stations in Nakuru County, would soon be upgraded to a sub-county headquarter and travelers along the busy highway might be attracted by the road and make it their preferred refreshment and meal stops.

Also, he said the Ranjuera market would be upgraded at a cost of Sh5 million and sheds, toilets and other amenities would be constructed to modernize the market, and attract more business from Nakuru city.

In addition, he said the nearby Rafiki shopping centre, a 600 meters road would soon be tarmacked at a cost of Sh25 million and other rural roads would be graded at a cost of Sh9 million.

Rongai constituency is one of the eleven constituencies in Nakuru County with the highest number of wards due to its size. It was established in the 1988 election when it was carved out of Nakuru North Constituency, which was later renamed Subukia Constituency.

Monica Mumbi, a trader at the Ranjuera Market said the tarmacked road has been a campaign tool for politicians since 1988 when the constituency was established, and it has changed their lives.



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