Three new administrative centres commissioned in Migori County

The commissioning of three administration bases in Migori County have been hailed by residents as a welcome move to boost security and enhance service delivery to the residents.

Migori County Commissioner Mr. Meru Mwangi presided over the commissioning of Gokeharaka and Maeta Divisions in Kuria East sub – county as well as Nyakore division in Kuria West sub-county.

State Department for Social Protection Principal Secretary (PS) Nelson Marwa said the newly unveiled divisions were earlier proposed by President Uhuru Kenyatta when he visited the Kuria region back in 2017.

The PS said that bringing administration near the citizenry will not only help locals but even help students in remote areas access other services like internet connectivity easily, especially when applying for education services.

“The new administration bases will automatically come with offices capable of helping both local as well as students in colleges and new ones who want to join but cannot access internet service due to remote distance or poverty situation back at home,” said the PS.

Marwa assured the new ACCs of the government’s commitment to availing other necessary office equipment and electricity connections in the offices which had none so as to make their work easier and efficient.

County commissioner Mr. Mwangi said that the newly installed ACCs are people with integrity adding they will deliver as required of them by the law.

The administrator encouraged public engagement in making decisions that will affect the locals directly.

PS Marwa stressed that the state will not allow any politician to incite youths to fuel violence and create animosity among the residents who are now living peacefully.

“Our young people don’t allow yourselves to be given Sh200 by other people and use you the whole day in their campaigns and wage violence, be advised accordingly,” warned Marwa.

Saying the country was in an election period, Marwa warned that the government was aware of politicians who are taking advantage of citizens’ economic problems to enlist them in causing violence to gain political mileage and once elected they disappear only to return during another election season.

He also cautioned local leaders and politicians against giving empty promises of development only during the election period adding that leaders must be legitimate enough to deliver services to people in their time of need.

Marwa castigated some leaders who launch ghost projects with aim the aim of soliciting and misusing public funds.

He criticized some Kuria leaders for misleading the community to embrace a culture of adoring handouts from politicians, which he claimed is championed by some cunning and opportunistic leaders to confuse the youth to violence.

He insisted that he will help lead the Kuria community in the right direction and ensure they make the right decisions when electing their next leaders.

Marwa warned Kuria leaders against divisive politics but instead encouraged them to preach peace during this political campaign period.

“I am not interested in tribal politics, I want development for the entire community. Let’s preach peace and stop the violence. It is God who delivers leadership,” said Marwa.

County Commissioner Mwangi echoed similar sentiments stressing the importance of holding peace before, during and after the forthcoming elections.

He stressed the need for the Kuria people to abandon retrogressive cultural practices such as Female Genital Mutilation, early marriages and gender-based violence that he noted were rampant within the community.



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