Voters at St. Monica Polling Station in Kitengela moved to Dr. Likimani

Over 30,000 voters registered at the St. Monica Polling Station in Kitengela town, have now been moved to Dr. Likimani Polling Station.

The Polling Station which was recently de-gazetted has the highest number of registered voters in Kajiado East Constituency. According to the IEBC 2017 register, the Station has 36,831 registered voters.

The move follows protests by the voters over their irregular transfer to Ereteti Polling Station which is 40 kilometers away.

County Returning Officer, Festus Mucheke, assured the voters that they will now be able to vote at Dr. Likimani Polling Station, which is a few kilometers away from St. Monica.

“St. Monica Polling Station is a private institution and so it was de-gazetted. The voters were moved to Dr. Likimani and Utumishi Polling Stations. What occurred during the transfer was that some voters were moved to Ereteti Polling Station, which is several kilometers away, this has since been corrected.” Mucheke said.

He urged politicians not to politicize the issue, as all voters had been moved back to a polling station within the town.

The Returning Officer further called on voters to verify their details before the June 2nd deadline through the SMS platform or the Commission’s website.

“In the event your details are incorrectly captured, visit your registration center with your identification document that you used to register for correction,” he said.



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