Nanyuki law court launches court annex mediation

Nanyuki Law Court rolled out an Alternative Dispute Resolution Registry, to expeditiously solve cases and dispense justice to the victims.

Speaking during the launch of the court annexed mediation, High Court Principal Judge, Lady Justice Lydia Achode, said the alternative justice system, will help in reducing the backlog of court cases, since those with petty cases will be given a chance to voluntarily solve their disputes in supervision of a certified mediator.

“This will help people solve their disputes voluntarily and without relying on the court alone. They will not incur costs since the government pays the mediators,” said lady Achode, adding that the Constitution 2010, encourages Alternative Disputes Resolution.

She said some of the cases that will be handled at the Court Annexed Mediation are contract cases, family matters, inheritance and children care cases.

However, she said serious offences like rape, robbery with violence and other capital crimes, will not be solved through mediation.

She noted that, in the Court Annexed Mediation process, after the dispute had been handled and both parties satisfied with the outcome, the Court would take it as the final verdict.

Nanyuki Law Court, Senior Principal Magistrate, Angelo Rwito, said over 3,000 cases that have been delayed for more than three years at the facility due to lack of enough judges, with court annexed mediation, justice will be expedited.

“Court annex will help us a lot and with mediators, within a year we will solve the cases by more than half. There will be no interruption since cases will be solved freely and bring the agreement to us for documentation,” said Rwitoh.

Laikipia County Governors wife, lady Maria Mbeneka, urged residents to embrace and encouraged the use of Court Annexed Mediation, in solving their disputes.

“Mediation is the way-out in disputes resolutions. We have to take- up the opportunity and see ourselves as people who offer solutions and not to become barriers in the administration of justice,” said the first lady.

Civil Society Representative, Ms Helen Gathogo, decried that justice has been hindered due to economic challenges, social barriers among other factors, noting with the roll-out of mediation as alternative litigation process, will be a relief to residents.

“Court Annexed Mediation is a game changer in the access to justice discourse in the country and an asset in conflict management. It’s important to ensure efficiency of the process to enable us to reap the benefits,” said Gathogo.



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