Wangamati blames County Assembly  for misfortunes

Bungoma Governor, Wycliffe Wangamati, has pointed fingers at the Members of the County Assembly (MCA’s) for his failure in the first term and asked Bungoma residents to give him a chance to redeem his dignity.

Wangamati trounced Lusaka in 2017 General Elections but has not delivered to the people as he promised during his campaigns in 2017.

Speaking in an interview, Monday, Wangamati said that some of the MCA’s collaborated with his enemies and plotted to sabotage his development projects, so as to tarnish his name come 2022.

However, Wangamati said he has tried his level best to deliver to the people of Bungoma as a one-man army and promised to do better if re-elected in August.

The Governor added that he is prepared to face former Governor, Ken Lusaka, in the contest and believes he will emerge winner.

Wangamati also said that despite the numerous attempts to impeach him as governor, he tried so hard to serve the people of Bungoma and ignored his shortcomings.

Some of the projects he mentioned were the Wangamati scholarship, which has continuously been criticized by the gubernatorial aspirant, Ken Lusaka, for its failure to fully pay fees for the beneficiaries.

Wangamati also said he was able to take over 7,000 students from poor backgrounds to school and given them the ability to make meaning out of life in his first term.

He asked the residents to elect leaders wisely so that Bungoma can be taken to higher levels of development experience in other counties such as Nakuru and Kiambu counties.

He promised to make more friends than his first term, so as to ensure easy delivery of services unlike the first term where he said he was in bad books with numerous MCA’s who stood against his progress and ambitions for the people of Bungoma.

Wangamati also promised to ensure devolution of facilities to all corners of the County without seclusion and intimidation.

Wangamati defended his support for Azimio presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, saying he is the only candidate who can work well with him, since they have been allies all along.



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