We will arrest parents, guardians who don’t take their children to school says the Tana Police boss

The government will arrest parents whose children are out of school for depriving them right to education

Tana River County Police Commander Richard Ng’eno said in his office in Hola yesterday that they have discerned that many children are not going to school without valid reasons thus they will arrest and charge the parents.

The County Police Commander revealed that many school-going children are herding goats and cattle when their age mates are in class.

“Parents who are found not sending their child to school will be arrested and taken to court for denying their child right to education,’’ warned Ng’eno.

He added, “We have realized that many children do not go to school and the reason for not going to school we do not understand, we want to warn parents that if you look at Kenyan laws, every child has the right to go to school.”

“Those who don’t go to school, we don’t know what the problem is, we want to ask their parents to tell us what the problem is because if you look at the law and in Kenya, there is free primary education, every child should go to school.”

Ng’eno further said parents are ruining their children’s lives with the risk of indulging in drug and substance abuse and crime.

He encouraged parents to take their children to school which is free, for them to study like the rest of the children in the republic.



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