Women in Kajiado Rally Support for Azimio

A section of women affiliated to Azimio Coalition in Kajiado county have taken the ‘One Million Women for Martha’ vote-hunting campaign a notch higher by engaging in door to door campaign.

With only six days remaining for the country to go to the polls, the women have vowed to ‘preach’ the Azimio gospel to every resident in Kajiado to ensure the Azimio Presidential candidate Raila Odinga clinches the Country’s top seat.

Led by Purity Sein, the chairperson of the women brigade in Kajiado, the team urged voters to vote for Raila Odinga as he has given women a chance to be in influential spaces, which have been a reserve for men since independence.

“As women, we feel well represented in the soon to be Azimio government. We are urging everyone to vote for Azimio since it is a complete house with a mother and father,” said Sein.

The women noted that wherever there was a woman, peace, harmony and equalization prevailed regardless of the numbers.

“The Azimio government will bring all Kenyans together in terms of sharing of resources as a mother knows how to distribute food equally to all her children regardless of their number,” added Sein.

The team urged the special interest groups (women and youth) to come out in large numbers and vote for Azimio Alliance as they have been well represented.

The team thanked Raila Odinga for selecting a woman as his running mate and pledged to deliver 90% of the electoral votes in Kajiado to him.

The women urged Kenyans to uphold peace and shun violence.

“When there is chaos, it is usually the women and children who suffer the most, thus we are saying No to violence. We want a peaceful country, whereby our children and future generations would feel safe,” said Amran Mohammed, a member of the women brigade.

The One Million Women for Martha Initiative was launched in July 2022.



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