Youths urged to maintain peace during and after poll

With twenty days remaining for the country to go to the polls, Kajiado Deputy Governor Martin Moshisho has joined in calling for peace in the county and country at large before and after the August 9 general election.

Moshisho emphasized that peace and unity are paramount even during this campaign period as violence would only bring misfortunes.

“Let us rally the voters in peace and promote peace and unity without violence. The culture of violence must be discouraged. Do not be used by politicians to create chaos,” said Moshisho.

Moshisho was speaking at his official residence in Kajiado Central when he met a group of youths drawn from all Kajiado Sub Counties.

He urged the youth to re-elect Governor Lenku as he is the only gubernatorial candidate with the interests of the youth at heart.

“Governor Lenku in his first term gave the youth a big chance in his administration by appointing me as his deputy governor. He also appointed four youths to County Executive Committee Member positions and eleven others as Chief Executive Officers. Let us re-elect him for the second term,” said Moshisho.

Speaking at the same meeting, the youthful Senatorial Candidate for Wiper Party Gideon Toimasi urged the youths to vote in development oriented leaders who are committed to change.

He noted that the time is ripe for the youth to be involved on the decision making table to add their influential voice in community and government’s policies, budgeting and other key decisions that involve the allocation of resources.

Toimasi urged the youths to use the power of the ballot to elect credible and accountable leadership.



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