A Handful Report as Kazi Mtaani Workers await Nod

A handful of Kazi Mtaani workers have reported to work, as the recruited lot await a nod from the national secretariat to continue with the National Hygiene Programme.

The youth, mainly recruited to supervise their colleagues turned up for assignments having been confirmed to be registered through Short Messages Services (SMS).

Nyandarua Central Sub-county recorded the highest at eight supervisors at work, while Wanjohi, 4, Aberdare, 9, South Kinangop, 8, and Gathanji 3.

South Kinangop Deputy County Commissioner Ms. Faith Murage confirmed that the eight were only but supervisors, with no single worker reporting to have been confirmed.

County Commissioner Amos Mariba on Friday called for the halting of the recruitment and engaging the youth in daily manual jobs, until they were confirmed as registered.

A total of 7, 362 workers, who had applied for the national exercise, were to be engaged in various wards, in Nyandarua County, with about 3, 000 having benefitted from the previous programme that targeted informal settlements and colonial villages.



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