App Unveiled to Enhance Access to Justice for Marginalized People

Keeping Alive Societies Hope (KASH) Organization has launched an application dubbed ‘PATA HAKI’ that is intended to offer justice, health services as well as socio-economic empowerment at no cost to the vulnerable members of the society.

PATA HAKI is an application available in the play store that incorporates the paralegal team trained to offer conclusive lawsuit services to the members of the society who cannot access these services.

The European Union (EU) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)- Amkeni Wakenya have funded the initiative.

Stephen Oguna, an officer from KASH said that while coming up with the application, they have gone ahead to involve clinicians’ services more so to tackle issues related to sexual and Gender-Based Violence cases across the country.

The app targets female sex workers, men having sexual relations with men, law enforcers and security agents, alcohol and drug addicts, vulnerable groups like youth and young women and marginalized community members.

Oguna explained that the app is community-centered as it does not require an advanced level of education to access. The app uses basic protocols to enable the users to easily register and use it anytime.

“We developed Pata Haki during COVID-19 when the level of reporting of cases had reduced because the Country had shut down everything and we had restrictions to almost everything including movement and court services,” Oguna stated.

Oguna adduced that even though the app can only be used by those who have smartphones, plans are underway to inculcate an Unstructured Supplementary Service Data code for those who are using feature phones in order to reach a majority of the people who would benefit from these services.

The app is made to focus on confidentiality, transparency and accountability of the victims to improve the quality of services rendered to the marginalized population.

Oguna says that they have partnered with Government health facilities, Kenya Police and Civil Society Organizations for networking and sharing issues of legal concern.

KASH which is based in Kisumu has continued to engage in activities in order to achieve its mission whereby civic education, community policing, paralegal and community outreach services and capacity building are its main agenda.



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