Commissioner assures investors peace

Bomet County Commissioner Ms Beverly Opwora has assured residents and investors in the area of a conducive environment that will enable them to thrive in business during the electioneering period.

Speaking during the launch of the Bomet County Spatial Plan launched by the World Wide Fund in collaboration with the County government of Bomet for the next ten years, Ms Opwora maintained that she will be at the forefront of ensuring the county is peaceful saying that will boost development in the region.

“It’s our mandate as the national government to ensure that peace and stability prevails and I am going to assure the great people of Bomet County that we are going to work closely with the county government to ensure this county moves on swiftly,” said Ms Opwora.

The County commissioner affirmed that the national and county government will provide services through the legal mandate that they have been provided urging citizens to focus on developing and improving the economy of the county.

“We impede members of this great county to participate well in plans setting a place for the growth of our county, no one is coming to boost the growth of our area, and it’s the people of Bomet who will do so,” explained Ms Opwora.

“I am urging our people to preach peaceful campaigns in our jurisdiction and also be in the forefront to spearhead the growth of the county.”

The National government has put in place infrastructures place to give residents and its people a conducive environment to realize their socio-economic activities.

However, the commissioner noted that they are vices that have been affecting people and the growth of the economy but she maintained government is working on eradicating them.

“I have noticed we have vices affecting our community and I want to assure you that the government will eradicate and suffocate them to spur the growth of this county,” explained Ms Opwora.

The County Chief urged youths to grab attainable opportunities available in the county and National government like Kazi Mtaani to make a living and improve their lives.



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