Embu Youths Benefit from KNLS Digital Literacy Programme

Youths drawn from various sub-counties in Embu have benefitted from Kenya National Library Services (KNLS) digital literacy programme dubbed ‘Digital You’ aimed at ensuring that youths observe online safety and privacy.

The programme which is a brainchild of Tactical Tech in partnership of KNLS and Goethe Institute, trains the youths on Online Safety, Digital Privacy and Digital wellness.

Speaking to KNA in Embu, Jemimah Wangechi, a librarian at Nairobi KNLS said that close to 100 youths from Embu have benefited from the initiative.

Wangechi said the programme has already been launched at Buruburu, Kibera, and Maktaba Kuu KNLS and that more than 40,000 youths from Nairobi have benefited from the scheme.

“Today we live in a world where technology is growing fast and most of the time we talk of the benefits of technology without remembering its shortcomings which can be harmful,” she said.

The public librarian added that the programme is important to the youths because it comes at a time when cyberbullying is on a rise and this will help the youths to be cautious.

Wangechi exuded her confidence in the programme saying that the content of the programme was created by IT experts in collaboration with Kenya National Library Services, Tactical Tech and Goethe Institute adding that they have a plan to roll out the initiative in all counties so that they can reach as many youths as possible.

Dorothy Nyawira, a public librarian at KNLS Embu in the department of ICT, urged parents to take advantage of the programme and encourage the youths to enroll for the free programme so that they can benefit from it.



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