Government prepared to ensure peaceful and smooth transition after general elections

Security Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiang’i and his ICT counterpart Joe Muchure have assured Kenyans of the government’s preparedness for a smooth and peaceful transition.

The two CSs speaking in Murang’a on Friday stated that all mechanisms have been put in place to ensure August elections will be conducted peacefully and the transition notes and equipment are passed to the next administration smoothly.

Matiang’i said they have trained enough security personnel to man all polling stations so as to ensure the election exercise will be done freely and fair.

He cautioned aspirants against causing chaos saying the law will be followed to the letter to deal with anyone who will preach hatred and endanger lives of Kenyans.

Matiang’i explained that they are not favouring any political sides but they have personal choices on who they will vote for in the general elections, saying that’s a democratic right.

“I have my personal view on who to support but that does not mean I will force people to vote for my candidate. We are just exercising democratic rights. As a government, we have a duty to deliver in ensuring peaceful elections despite political affiliations,” he added.

The CS said transition elections are characterized by tension observing that preparations for this year’s election started as early as 2018.

“If there is anything that the president would not like to see is an acrimonious transition and as government officers, we will ensure the elections are done as by the law and those who take over are given instruments of power smoothly,” he said, when they met members of the clergy drawn from Murang’a south at Kenol area.

Matiangi advised Kenyans to be on the lookout for criminals who are seeking elective positions saying if they ascend to power, they may take the country backwards.

“We are aware of some criminals who claim to be businessmen and yet they cannot reveal the types of businesses they are doing. Drug traffickers and money launderers are there seeking to ascend to power and it’s upon Kenyans to make wise decisions and elect trustworthy leaders,” he added.

He continued: “once the IEBC declares the winner after the election, those who will not be satisfied have a chance to go to court but not to hold demonstrations which may lead to loss of lives.”

“No one will be allowed to hold the country in ransom. If not satisfied with the outcome of elections, the law allows you to go to court but not to start skirmishes. As the government, we will ruthlessly enforce the law especially to those who will not preach peace,” vowed the CS.

On his part, CS Mucheru dismissed claims that he has access to IEBC servers and that he will influence the outcome of the elections.

Mucheru said servers are under custody of the IEBC and the role of IEBC is to ensure internet coverage for ease transmission of results.

He noted that they are working out to ensure the remaining 99 polling stations are covered by 3G or 4G internet observing that the IEBC has secured 1,500 satellite devices to cover the areas not covered by internet.

“Claims that I will influence the outcome of the next election are baseless. As a ministry we are putting in place policies, strategies and licensing network providers to support IEBC in transmission of results,” he added.

The two CSs called upon members of the clergy to take part in ensuring the country conducts peaceful elections and condemned leaders who are spreading lies and insults which may plunge the nation into chaos.



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