Installation of High Speed Internet Connectivity Begins in 87 Public Facilities 

Installation of high speed internet connectivity being overseen by the Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs, has commenced in 87 public service facilities across the country.

The project sponsored by the Google Company will see the Local Area Network (LAN) infrastructure install connectivity in nine health facilities, 67 law courts and 11 TVET institutions to a tune of Sh. 500 million.

Speaking during the launch for health facilities at Bondo sub county referral hospital, Principal Secretary in the State Department of ICT, Jerome Ochieng, commended Google for sponsorship.

“Last week together with Chief Justice Martha Koome, and ICT Cabinet Secretary, Joe Mucheru, we started a similar project for the law courts but today we are here to launch connectivity in our hospitals,” PS Ochieng remarked.

“I want to thank Google for sponsoring the connectivity project to 87 institutions at a cost of Sh. 500 million,” Ochieng added. The PS observed the high speed internet connectivity in health facilities will not only improve efficiency in service delivery but will also make referrals across all levels much easier.

“With all departments in the hospital connected through the LAN, efficiency will be improved, referral to other facilities will be in real time and patients will be spared the burden of carrying documents to the centres, for them to get services,” Ochieng explained.

The PS stated, availability of high speed internet connectivity in hospitals will mark the dawn of Telemedicine, saving on travel abroad expenditure and treatment costs of diseases that can be managed locally.

“Through Telemedicine made possible by high speed internet connectivity, local doctors will be able to consult doctors abroad in real time and if crucial equipment is available in the country, our people will be spared the expense of seeking treatment abroad,” he observed.

The PS said currently 45 public hospitals in the country have been fitted with high speed connectivity as a result of the implementation of the Universal Health Coverage program and completion of ongoing work in the nine facilities will take the tally to 54 by September this year.

The occasion was attended by Google team lead, Dr Mark Matunga and the Siaya County director of health Dr Felix Tindi who welcomed the project saying it will enhance service delivery and strengthen Health Management Information System at the facility.



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