Joy as Igembe residents receive title deeds

Residents of Igembe South are proud after receiving over 220 title deeds especially in Athiru Gaiti Section B which had not gotten such documents in the past.

While issuing the title deeds to the residents at Maua town, Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mr. Peter Munya urged the owners to utilize their title deeds for their own benefits of developing their land.

He noted the documents they have received were acceptable in financial institutions to secure loans for their business development.

“You have received legal ownership of your land and now you can access credit from any bank or other financial institutions for your own development,” said Munya.

The happy residents lauded the CS for aiding them to get their title deeds adding that they would now start developing their land freely.

They further explained how unscrupulous dealers have been extorting money from them with a promise of helping them secure the ownership documents.

The CS however called on the Nyambene land registry to ensure the rest of title deeds are issued to the respective members of the public without a hurdle for it is government’s commitment to ensure right ownership of land to mwananchi.

In the same vein, he urged the residents not to despair in practicing agriculture so as to maintain food security which is one of the big push venture for food sustainability for both commercial and home consumption.

The CS also called the agriculture office to offer advisory services to the residents on the best method and input for farming.



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