Mau Mau veterans back woman candidate for Tetu

A section of Mau Mau War Veteran Association elders have endorsed Dr. Lucy Wanjiru for Tetu Parliamentary seat during the August polls.

While leading the endorsement ceremony held at Wamagana grounds the Association’s Chairman Kanyaga Wa Njuiri said they had assessed Wanjiru and concluded that she had what it takes to be the next Tetu MP.

In a move seen as critical for women seeking elective posts in the region, Kanyaga said, “Let our people know elders see things differently. We are offering this constituency the best candidate for the position of MP in Dr. Lucy Wanjiru.”

The Doctor has pledged to prioritize among other issues, getting a solution to the menace of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) by way of legislation and funding once elected.

Speaking to KNA Njuiri said Dr. Wanjiru has demonstrated how she works by sustaining a drugs and medical services supply to around 2000 people in Tetu Constituency living with NCDs even long before she thought of going for the seat.

He added that Wanjiru has in the past organized several free medical camps in the area.

“I will work for my people and improve the health sector, agriculture and create employment opportunities for the youth and also to provide one cow to every person who is above 60 years once elected,” said Dr. Wanjiru

The medic also promised to pay for NHIF medical cover to all elderly people in Tetu from her pocket if she wins in August polls.

Already, Dr. Wanjiru has paid NHIF medical cover to 900 residents that comprise of elders above 60 years and orphans drawn from three Tetu wards, each ward 300 people benefiting from yearly payments of the cards.



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