My position is for all women, Karua

Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance presidential running mate Martha Karua has said that her nomination is a win for all women in the country.

Speaking at the Garissa University Wednesday during the celebration of Maendeleo ya Wanawake 70th anniversary, Karua said that through her, women would have an opportunity to address their issues at the national level.

Karua rallied women to vote for Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga noting that he was best placed to address women issues and drive the country forward.

She said that Kenyans must weigh the candidates by looking at what they have done so far in their current positions and what they were likely to do while elected into office.

“As women, we have a responsibility to give this country good leadership. I urge you to vote for leaders with integrity, and goodwill who will serve you well,” Karua said.

“Raila in all his life in and out of government has fought for Kenyans. If you give him this opportunity, he will work hard to improve the lives of the people,” she added.

The former Justice Minister further called for peaceful campaigns and urged her fellow politicians to avoid inciting Kenyans against each other.

“There is no need to fight because of elections. Let the politicians come in peace and persuade the people to vote for them,” she said.

“Everyone knows who they will vote for. We are not going to force anyone to vote for us. We will only try to convince you why you should vote for us and let you decide,” she added.

Maendeleo ya Wanawake national chairperson Rahab Muiu said that the organization would campaign for Raila Odinga because he chose a woman for a running mate.

“We asked all the presidential candidates to nominate women as their running mates. Raila Odinga chose Martha Karua while the other one chose someone else. We have decided to go to all regions in the country and campaign for him,” Muiu said.

Karua was joined by Garissa governor Ali Korane, former Garissa governor Nathif Jama, MPs Abdikarim Osman (Fafi), Sophia Abdi (Ijara), Mishi Mboko (Likoni), and Nyeri Deputy governor Caroline Karugu who urged the residents of Garissa to vote for Raila Odinga in the August 9 general elections.



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