National Council of NGOs Launches the White Ribbon Peace Campaign

National Council of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) Chairman Stephen Cheboi has announced the launch of the ‘White Ribbon Peace’ campaign at Nyayo House.

The Chairman stated that the peace campaign is a call for peace to all Kenyans in all sectors as the nation awaits the final verdict from the Supreme Court on the ongoing Presidential petition.

He added that Kenyans should trust the judicial institution to deliver a fair and just verdict and should be ready to respect and accept the final decision which will be made.

“The campaign is a reminder that the people should love one another regardless of their political affiliation, ethnic background and socioeconomic status,” said Cheboi.

The Chairman further called upon the political leaders, religious leaders, youth, business community, media and all other sectors to support the campaign, work for peace and continue working in unity to build a better nation.

He commended Kenyans for how they conducted themselves during the recent General Elections and urged them to still maintain peace as the court process goes on.

“What matters is peace, let us observe the process and let us agree with what the judges will come up with and move on as a nation,” stated Cheboi.

At the press briefing, the professional representative of the Council Ann Githinji went on to emphasise and urge all multi-sectoral stakeholders to embrace peace as it is critical to the nation and let the Supreme Court handle the matter.

“Peace is very critical, we must trust our judges and the institution and embrace what they will tell us as we look forward to moving on as a nation,” said Githinji.

She added that all parties should be content with the decision that will be made by the Supreme Court, embrace the ruling and allow the country to move forward.

“Those that will lose in the decision from the court’s verdict will have to embark on other missions because all that we want as a country is peace and stability,” stated Githinji.

At the same time, the Youth Representative of the Council’s executive Jessica Mwangi stated that the youth went out to vote for peace and change.

She reiterated that the youth are willing to promote peace through the ‘white ribbon peace’ campaign launched by the Council.

“Through this campaign we call each and every person in our community, schools and institutions to let peace reign,” said Mwangi.



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