No alcoholic drinks licences for Highway Soko Mpya market

Nyandarua Alcoholic Drinks Control Committee has said it would not license any alcoholic drinks outlet operating at the newly commissioned Soko Mpya along Nairobi- Nakuru highway.

The committee chair Mr. Joseph Kaguthi noted that the new market had attracted scores seeking licensing to operate wines and spirits shops, which the committee has declined as most of them fell below the threshold set for licensing.

“The traders have the audacity to plead with us to have speed bumps erected along the highway to slow down motorists, for drunkards to cross safely,” regretted Kaguthi.

The traders at the market had pleaded with the committee to appeal for erection of the bumps, noting the increased cases of drunkards that have been knocked down as they crossed the highway.

The committee meeting virtually on Wednesday heard that out of 1, 294 outlets that applied for licenses across the county, only 824 met the threshold, with a number required to spruce up before they get a nod.

“The law says we give the traders a 21-day notice as to whether they have to improve their conditions or close shop completely,” he noted.

“By the first week of June therefore, those who would not have licenses for their premises will be required to close down completely or face prosecution,” noted Kaguthi.

Ndaragwa sub-county whose traders had shied away from applying for licenses last year citing stringent rules, had 95 new applicants, with 97 out of the total 215 applicants, being turned down.

“Most premises had no clean toilets, no hand washing points and no medical certificates for staffs were availed to the committee for scrutiny upon inspection,” noted Nyandarua Social Services Director Samson Njiri.

“High Point bar in Geta for instance scored low as its doors opened inwardly, had small and untidy sanitation facilities, no medical certificates and the roof was leaking,” he said.

Outlets situated on residential plots, those without a clearly marked smoking zone and unkempt premises and compounds were given conditions to spruce up or face closure, with many having to reapply once done.



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