Red Cross begins livestock offtake, cash transfer to cushion drought victims

The Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) is set to roll out a livestock off-take exercise targeting 1036 heads of cattle to cushion pastoralists from the effects of the ravaging drought in the Tana River.

The Livestock off-take programme cash is from the National Government which has been sent to 14 counties that are most affected.

The County Steering Group (CSG) that carried out the allocation pegged on the drought situation in each Sub-County to replace livestock that has been weakened because of the current drought.

The intervention targets those with livestock who between now and October are unlikely to survive. A cattle will be bought at Sh15,000 and Sh3,000 for a goat and sheep.

Tana North, Tana River, and Tana Delta Sub-Counties were allocated 414, 363 and 259 heads of cattle respectively. Parents were advised to allocate the proceeds of the off-take exercise to secondary schools for fees for their children.

Speaking in his office in Hola, KRCS Tana River coordinator Jerald Bombe said more than 63,000 people are severely affected by the biting drought with Bangale Sub-County hard hit.

Red Cross through funds from the British Red Cross Society is targeting 800 households for a one-off cash transfer program, each household will receive Sh5424.

KRCS Tana River coordinator said in Tana Delta, Tana North, and Tana River Sub-Counties the CSG identified 350, 200, and 250 households respectively as the most affected that will receive the cash.

“The drought continues even though there was little rain at Tana Delta along the riverine but it did not reach the hinterland. Survey shows water pans have dried up leaving nothing for livestock and human consumption, especially in Bangale which is now fully dependent on water trucking,’’ revealed KRCS Coordinator.

“According to the Kenya Meteorological Department (KMD), the outlook is that between now and October things will worsen. There will not be enough rain and even October – December rains they say will be depressed,” he said.



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