Posho Mills 

The excitement of affordable Unga in Nakuru city has been turned into a daily chore as residents move from one supermarket to another in search of the staple food.

However, the supermarkets which have rationed the Unga to two packets per shopper are also concerned that a number of residents were buying daily, and some use their children to increase the number purchased per day, and that leads to shortage.

A worker at Naivas, James Mburu said the speed at which the Unga was picked from the shelves was amazingly high and he appealed to those hoarding in their houses to be mindful of their neighbours.

But, the frequent shortages of Unga at the local supermarkets have forced a number of residents to rely on the popular posho mills, who still sell 2kgs at 200 against the recommended Sh100.

Jackson Banda the owner of Mavuno Posho Mill in Bondeni estate said the stocks of maize they have were bought at Sh4500 per 90kg sack and it is not possible for them to sell at the government recommended price of Sh.100 for two kilograms.

However, he said they are ready and willing to sell at the recommended price if only they are supplied maize at Sh2000 per sack.

He was speaking to KNA today during an interview at Bondeni.

Peter Kimani, a resident of the area said he was unlikely to benefit from the affordable Unga since he works at construction sites and by the time he leaves the shelves at supermarkets are empty.

Additionally, he said the majority of the residents prefer Unga number two, which was milled at the estate posho mills because it’s what they are used to and it makes them feel satisfied, unlike the shifted one.



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