Citizenry appreciate government services through Huduma Mashinani

Huduma Mashinani outreaches spearheaded by Huduma centre has changed the perception of the citizenry who now appreciate government services and government officers.

The citizens are taking advantage of the outreach programs to seek various government services and guidance on different programs offered by the government.

The Deputy Centre Manager Huduma Kakamega Victor Ochieng Oloo said from interaction with residents during the huduma mashinani, residents have appreciated the services and are seeking such services in large numbers.

He said the officers who are guided by the core values, ensure efficiency and innovativeness while delivering the services during the outreach programs.

He added that they offer the services to clientele within a short period of time. “We ensure we offer our services within a certain time frame and mostly for a very short period,” he added.

He said Huduma centre serving as a one stop centre for most government services has also seen many residents seeking services while others are referred to relevant government departments and advised accordingly.

During a two day Huduma Mashinani program in Shinyalu, Huduma Centre Kakamega served over 500 clients.

The residents were seeking Identity Cards (ID) services, Civil Registration both birth and death certificates, the Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO), pension, National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), labor, registration of groups and Community Based Organizations (CBOs).

“Huduma Mashinani is a programme within the Hudma Family that we want to ensure that all government services are felt with every mwananchi within our county,” he noted.



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